This is the Campaign History of Phoenix City Councilman Danny Valenzuela.

As many know, Danny Valenzuela was married.  While in office, Danny made unwanted advances  at his married "chief of staff" - no pun intended.  Had she turned down her boss’s advances, she risked hurting his feelings and souring their professional relationship. They kept the affair a secret.  She couldn't risk workplace retaliation.  Was it Sexual Harassment*?  Bob Filner was beaming with pride.

But the affair was just the tip of the iceberg - again no pun intended.  Danny and his female staffer took more than six different trips on the city's dime.  This site has the records.

Valenzuela had to get elected.  Apparently, Danny uses city staff, city resources and unauthorized city images (all in violation of campaign laws) to operate his political campaigns.  That even shocked Tom Horne!  This site has those records.

The pictures to the left are of individuals indirectly tied to Danny's campaign.  The following pages in the website tell their stories.

Question:  What's the difference between Daniel Valenzuela, Bob Filner and Tom Horne?

Answer:  One is still in public office! 

* Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits sexual harassment and protects employees who are retaliated against because they complain of being harassed.

Daniel Valenzuela: The Story

Bob "Filthy" Filner

Former Mayor San Diego

Danny Valenzuela: Sex in the City

Sammy "The Bull" Chavira

Glendale City Council

Tom "Horn Dog" Horne

Former AZ Attorney General

Danny "Dos XX" Valenzuela

Phoenix City Council