Danny Valenzuela: Everyone has a Past...

Sammy Chavira & Danny Valenzuela

Councilman Daniel Valenzuela began his four-year term of office for the Phoenix City Council on Jan. 3, 2012. He represents District 5, which includes west and central Phoenix.  His current domicile is still unclear.

According to www.joyceclarkunfiltered.com, "prior to the Phoenix City Council, the Glendale firefighter was involved in an incident while serving as President of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters or NAHF.  Sometime in 2012, Sammy Chavira (Glendale City Councilman) and Danny were members NAHF. Sammy was removed as a Vice President and both men resigned because they allegedly bore responsibility for loss of funds from an NAHF fund raising event."  Details on the matter here.

NOTE: Sammy Chavira is employed as a Phoenix firefighter and a Glendale City Councilman while Danny is employed as a Glendale firefighter and a Phoenix City Councilman.

Prior to his election to the City Council, Daniel considered a run for Congress but his workplace affair destroyed those dreams...temporarily.  He plans to run for Mayor in four years and Congress in eight.

Daniel is currently a special operations firefighter with the city of Glendale. In addition to his firefighter duties, he also serves as the public information officer for the Glendale Fire Department.  This means that Daniel collects two (or more) paychecks and pensions in two different cities.  The conflicts of interest are glaring.

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