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  • Kelly Moody
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  • Joe Villasenor
  • Nick Wood
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Danny likes his Office Budget like his Women:

Loose, Irresponsible, and NO Accountability

Campaign Violations

Campaign Violation: He put up signs BEFORE June 26!!

Danny Valenzuela - A Latino Tom Horne?

The Tom Horne Campaign Playbook

Danny Valenzuela: Black Sheep Ops

Danny's Donors:

The following donors may not even know about the real Danny Valenzuela.  They gave $1,000 or more:

Did Danny Valenzuela run his Campaign on the Public's Dime?

Phoenix City Hall has doubled as a campaign office for Phoenix City Councilman Daniel Valenzuela.  Like former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, it appears that his staff is working on the city's time to raise money for Valenzuela's re-election, plan campaign events, run his social media sites and discuss talking points to deploy against his challenger. 

Valenzuela's website and social media sites display staff openly and rampantly working on his re-election efforts from the City Hall, with no regard to state laws banning politicking on city time.

Improper Use of the Following Images:

  • City of Phoenix Logo
  • Phoenix Firefighters
  • Phoenix Police Officers
  • City of Phoenix Employees: Vania Guevara, Bithia Ratnasamy, et al.
  • Phoenix City Council Members: Laura Pastor, et al.
  • Phoenix Children: Head Start, Bike Rodeo

Improper Use of the Following Phoenix Property:

  • Phoenix City Library
  • Use of DTV (Danny Television): Camera/Editing equipment and crew
  • Campaign Phone Number:  602-262-7446 belongs to the City of Phoenix
  • City of Phoenix Sponsored Events